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Not only the test equipment providers but also the complete solution

        The supply of test equipment is not all of zhongke tianhao. Beijing zhongke tianhao is committed to the complete solutionof customers, on the basis of scientific, standardized, standardized and professional, combined with the needs of users now and in the future, to carry out "act accroding to acutal circumstances" comprehensive solutions, and provide related technical services and support. The core of zhongke tianhao insists in what value we can create for customers, rather than exaggerating our ablities and prospects.after listed the completed demands by customer,  zhongke tianhao can meet all aspects of customer requirements in the shortest time, fully integrate industry resources, and bring the greatest satisfication to customers.

We cherish our achievements very much, and thank the majority of customers  for their support and love, we will adhere to the "innovation, quality, benefit" policy,advance with the times, make progress, create magnificent success once again.