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ZYX building shading product performance testing equipment
Detailed Introduction
1、Product introduction
National construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, relying on the abundant technical force and years of testing experience, combined with the concrete situation in our country, to develop a series conform to the situation of building outside sunshade products performance testing equipment, wind resistance performance of building external sunshade products, mechanical durability and resistance to water load performance testing, performance and operating force fully conforms to the requirement of national standard for testing equipment.
2、standard of execution
JG/T 242-2009《Shutters and blinds-Measurement of operating force-Test methods》
3、Main technical parameters
1)External dimensions of the equipment: length 4× width 1.8× height 3.5m
2)Maximum size of testable parts: 4000×3500 mm
3)Maximum pressure: 800N/m2
4)Resolution of force measurement sensor: 1N
5)Power supply: AC220V 1kW
4、product features
1)The equipment can test wind resistance, mechanical durability, water load resistance and operating force performance on the same test rack.
2)The device adopts a compact design to facilitate operation and adapt to the idea of a variety of products.
3)The equipment is made of aluminum alloy profiles to reduce the weight of the equipment for easy installation and transportation.
4)The specimen frame can be adjusted according to the size and shape of the specimen to fit the mounting size of the specimen.
5)The equipment adopts the stepper motor linkage system to simulate the rotation, pull and other methods to make the specimen stretch, recover, open and close the action, more stable and accurate operation. During the operation, the repeated operation times of the sample are recorded automatically and the repeated operation times are recorded in case of equipment failure, power failure and other accidents.
6)The load applied to the specimen was applied by the servo motor loader, and the torque of the servo motor was adjusted to achieve the adjustable load.
7)The control system adopts PLC and touch screen to realize automatic control. PLC has the advantages of stable working life, touch screen to achieve man-machine dialogue function.