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CABRZY building shading coefficient test system
Detailed Introduction

1、Product introduction

Solar heat gain from Windows is a very important factor that affects building energy consumption. The index of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient in the evaluation window is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). However, at present our country domestic window is not able to measure the solar heat gain coefficient of the equipment, also cannot get window solar heat gain coefficient of the experimental testing data, in order to get some window of solar heat gain coefficient value can only be through some foreign software simulation, it is brought in practice to the energy efficiency evaluation of the window of the great obstacles. Therefore, on the basis of the existing research results abroad and in accordance with the relevant provisions of NFRC, the experimental measurement method of window solar heat gain coefficient -- calibration heat box method was proposed. According to this method, the first experimental equipment for measuring solar heat gain coefficient of Windows in China was designed and developed, and the experimental data were obtained. By comparing the data measured in the experiment with the results simulated by WINDOW and THERM software, they are basically the same, thus verifying the feasibility and effectiveness of the developed equipment for the actual measurement work.

2equipment composition

When using SHGC, the main components can be summarized as: heat metering box, water circulation and refrigeration system, control system and data acquisition system.

1)Laboratory room: when calibrating the heat metering box, a stable and controllable external environment must be required. In other words, the calibration work must be completed indoors. At the same time, the laboratory can be moved to meet the requirement that the device must be exposed to the outside when measuring the solar thermal coefficient of the window.

2)Thermal metering box: thermal metering box provides a controlled thermal environment (simulates the space inside the building) and collects the external solar energy. By means of heat exchanger and water circulation system, the environment inside the box is kept in the required state. The heat metering box is designed to track the position of the sun as it passes through the sky.

3)Water circulation and refrigeration system: turbine flowmeter is adopted for flow measurement of water circulation system. The heat metering box is equipped with a fan coil unit for heat exchange between air and circulating water.

4)Control system: the control core component adopts intelligent regulator. The controller adopts fuzzy PID control method, which has fast response, small overshoot and high steady-state accuracy.

5)Data acquisition system: all measurement signals are collected with a special data acquisition instrument, which can store up to 50000 data at one time and output the data as Excel, facilitating the later processing of data.

3Main technical parameters

1)Equipment light source is divided into natural light source and artificial light source.

2)Data acquisition and processing system

Building thermal performance field test system (RGJC) operating environment is: in Chinese Windows 98; Windows2K; Run under windows-xp. The user interface is beautiful and easy to operate - the standard Windows dialog box. Including: external equipment environment detection, database processing, coefficient setting, sampling setting, reading data warehousing, database management, data management and printing; According to the current progress of the project, the user can select the required operations: reading in the basic data of the detected project, testing, data saving, sorting, document printing and other functions.

3)Test accuracy ≤5%

Test window size: 1.5×1.5m

Test time: 11:00 to 13:00 daily (natural light source)

Test period: 2~3 days for each specimen (depending on the local solar exposure)

Working environment: temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃ relative humidity less than 90%

System installation conditions: the bearing weight of the device shall be 1000kg

Mounting platform size: length: 50× width: 30 m

4product features

1)Test bracket and measuring building are all combined structures, with simple loading and unloading on site.

2)The system is designed according to the standards of outdoor observation instruments, which are wind-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion and resistant to high and low temperature. The equipment with natural light source is generally installed on the roof or ground platform without shading in the open space.

3)System installation site: 20×50m